I always thought I would grow up to be a writer (or a lawyer, but like, that's a lot of school). I have always loved storytelling and not just the art of the story, but of capturing and crafting a mood. Elevating the ordinary and celebrating the extraordinary. Honoring every emotion and letting it hold space.

Photo and videography takes every element I love about writing and adds a visual component that completes the package for me. I fell into this career by accident - I would like to thank Mrs. Elliott, the loveliest dance mom who bought a DSLR without knowing how to use it. I went to a dance competition as a fresh alum and her daughter came up to me in the stands saying, "You're pretty techy - can you figure this out?" She put her parents' Nikon D90 into my hands before I could even answer. I grabbed that camera from at every competition I attended (which was many). The photos were blurry. But they lit me up.

I would also like to thank film director Sam Fischer, who plucked me out of his art department that summer to do set stills for his feature. I bought my first camera for that project. Then people started actually paying me. To do something I genuinely loved. It was wild. I still don't believe I get to have so much fun at work.

There are many, many more people along the past decade to thank, for all the little and big ways they've helped me grow and find a true place - a cozy, inspiring home that just happens to be nested within a business. I love - love -  what I do and the amazing people I get to do it with. I am so excited to meet more of you!

alyssa kristine

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